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Choosing a Colour For Your Front Door

There’s much more to choosing a front door colour for Oakville & Burlington homeowners than choosing the hue that they like best.

When it comes to dressing up the exterior of a home, there’s no better place to add a touch of personality and excitement than the front door. As the first introduction to your home, the entrance should welcome guests and loved ones with a splash of an appealing contrasting colour to the rest of your architecture.

While you want a shade that perfectly suits the colour scheme of the rest of the house, it should simultaneously offer a distinctive pop that sets it apart. Electing to use an accent colour on the front door, rather than coating it in a shade that’s used elsewhere- your trim, garage, etc-, results in an eye-catching finish that elevates the curb appeal in an instant.

Choose Based on Your Home- Not Based on Trends

Choose Based on HomeResist the temptation to choose the latest fashionable colours or incorporate your favourite hue if it doesn’t fit with the main shade, trim or accent colours on the body of the home. Instead, opt for paint that complements the full palette of the house, as well as the design of the neighbourhood.

If you’re uncertain about what the preferred styles are in your area, or if you’d like to compare and contrast options, take a short road trip around your block and snap pictures of your favourite combinations. If you’re still undecided, follow the colour suggestions below to find the perfect dynamic shade for your front door.


Sunny, warm and inviting, few colours bring a smile to people’s faces like bright yellow. If you’re toying with the idea of coating your front door in this cheery shade, you should use it to offset cooler tones in the body and trim.

For instance, if your house uses lots of gray, white or off-white colours in its scheme, yellow will help brighten the overall effect. Homes with wood or metal siding also benefit from this lively shade.


redMany folks favour the aggressive and stirring look of a fire engine red entrance, and it can suit a wide variety of home styles. Red is versatile, but it partners best with earth tones. If your home boasts greens, browns, sands, soft greys or beige tones, red will add energy and strength to the exterior. Orangey-reds add warmth and balance to modern designs too.


Admittedly the least common entryway colour, orange is nonetheless a terrific option for some homes. The best combination features greys, taupes and beiges, but blond wood can also experience a dramatic lift in appearance with the addition of a burnt orange front door.


Blue is consistently one of the most popular colours in the spectrum. Naturally, it’s one of the most versatile options for door colours; the trick is finding the perfect shade. Brick, stone, wood and metal siding are all amenable to blue entrances. Navy looks best with stone or grey walls, effervescent pops of aqua pair well with brownish greys and muted blues couple up best with off-white, white and soft steel. If you’re nervous about using blue with brick, don’t be. Show your confidence by boldly coating the door in a sapphire tone.


greenIf you live in an area that’s lushly landscaped, you may want to emphasize that element with a green door. It’s hard to argue against the beauty of a sturdy brick home outfitted with a hunter green entryway, but darker tones aren’t the only options. Contemporary homes with minimalist grey siding benefit from a bloom of grassy light green, while butter-yellow stucco gains by showcasing mossy hues.


Like orange, purple is a rare choice, and it requires a delicate touch. Since violet is both moody and vibrant, it’s essential that all other colours are soft, light and neutral. Beige, light grey and off-white are the best shades.


blackChic, elegant and dramatic, a black door works well with just about any combination of colours- but you have to be careful that it doesn’t cause the entryway to recede into the home.

In some instances, black can make an entrance feel unwelcoming, which is the opposite of its purpose. Trimming the door in white or another bright accent colour can help frame it so it appears stylish instead of foreboding.

The entrance of any home should feel lively, appealing and stylish. Updating the look and feel of your entry with a new door (or a coat of paint on your old one) also makes a dramatic difference that you’re sure to love.

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