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Choosing a Window Casing Style to Enhance Your Décor

Window Casing StyleWindows are an essential part of making your home feel welcoming and look beautiful. The casing that surrounds a window limits wasteful airflow, but it also provides a decorative element that enhances your home’s interior and exterior décor.

By playing around with this design option, you can create many different looks for your home- from contemporary to old world appeal.

There are numerous types of window casings on the market to suit every type of window and design style- we offer them in both wood and vinyl.

Here are few of the different styles available, and the types of homes they work best with.

Complete Casings

A complete casing, as the name suggests, completely surrounds all four sides of a window in molding. This is the most common style, though some high-profile designs may only feature molding on the top for a century home look.

Modern, traditional and most made-to-order casings will be complete.

These styles can be simple, single layer molding or more voluminous, multilayer molding that has a more appealing and decorative appearance. The complexity of the molding design will depend on your choice of windows and personal taste.


high-profile casings
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As mentioned previously, the molding of high-profile casings may only cover the top of a window. They actually have a lot of versatility in this regard. Some versions completely surround the window, others only the top or the top and sides.

The distinguishing element is that they are highly ornamental, with many layers for a striking style. There are many ready-made options from which to choose, in a number of different materials to suit your needs.

High-profile casings have a very distinctive look, so they are appropriate only for more robustly designed homes, such as traditional or Victorian. Modern or minimalist homes that prefer a more streamlined look should choose one of the other casing types.


A low-profile casing, as opposed to the high profile, is more functional than decorative. It creates an uninterrupted finished look without design details that some may consider distracting or unnecessary. A clean finished low-profile casing may also make a window appear larger, since the focus is the on the panes of glass rather than on the stylish molding. Most low-profile window casings come in single layers, though there are some additional options.
Modern Casings

Definitely a part of the low-profile category, modern casings use minimal design, for a smooth, clean finish that places the focus on the window itself, as well as the rest of the décor. The purpose is to blend in with the décor, not stand out. This is a great way to make a window look larger, or ensure that the other elements of the home’s design scheme aren’t overwhelmed.

Traditional Style

Another style that falls in with low-profile casings is the traditional moldings. This style isn’t attention grabbing either, but it’s also better suited to older homes rather than modern ones.

They lay flush against the wall, both inside and out, and have simple designs, or none at all. They’re usually made up of wood or a composite. Composites tend to be more eco-friendly, for those trying to update a window frame with energy-efficient features.

Window casings aren’t just a necessary final step in finishing the installation of a window; they’re also an opportunity to beautify your home easily and inexpensively. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalistic look or one that’s elaborately ornamental, there is a broad selection of ready-made products on the market. But, if pre-fab isn’t your style, window casings can also be custom ordered for a distinctly individual look you can call your own.

Contact us for design guidance when considering window replacement. Our team combines the qualities of a knowledgeable installer and designer to maximize your results.

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