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Choosing the Best Exterior Window Colour for Your Home

It may not seem like a top priority when first deciding on the many different features of today’s energy efficient windows, but the colour you select can do one of two things: It can enhance the overall look or become a distracting eyesore.

Paint colours are available in over a dozen standard shades, and limitless custom ones, so narrowing down a choice becomes confusing quickly.

It’s essential to choose a tidy selection of colours that suit the body of the house, whether it’s made of vinyl siding or brick. Here are some recommendations for harmonious combinations that will give your house a professional, designer look without the stress.

If You Have Red Brick

Red BrickIf You Have Tan/Peach Brick

Peach BrickThe best part of owning a tan brick home is the versatility in accent colourization.

One option is to choose from one of the few different shades within the bricks, and work within the spectrum of those colours for window paint. There’s no fear of it not matching, and it produces an elegantly balanced style to onlookers.

This works well with light greys, blue greys, and even army greens.

If You Have Brown Brick

Brown brick can work well with a significantly darker shade of brown- something that is just a bit lighter than black (shown is our commercial brown colour). This gives a very rich, warm look.

If You Have Any Colour of Siding

Colour Siding
Photo courtesy of
MJ Wheland Construction

Coloured siding that is outside of a neutral (we see it in green, blue most often) look best accompanied by white windows and trim.

If You Have White Siding

White Siding
photo courtesy of
Chioco Design

White siding gives you more options than coloured (depending on how bold you want to be). Lighter colours tend to look natural, where darker colours can be quite dramatic. Our favourites include grey-blues, sable or soft greens, and khakis.

Choosing the right colours for your exterior windows doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Learning how to complement the bolder tones of the trim colours while highlighting the main body shade will ensure that the overall appearance is professional and impressive. Always compare many colours and feel free to ask for assistance if questions arise.

Looking for More Inspiration?

Visit our windows gallery to view many more examples of great looking colour combinations.

Come visit us in Oakville for windows and doors to make your home more attractive, functional, efficient and secure, and window coverings to make every room warmer and more comfortable.

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