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It’s Starting to Heat Up. Window Coverings to Maximize Your AC



Aesthetically, window coverings from Fasada accomplish two things for you:

  • Add a design and style element to the interior of your home
  • Create a privacy barrier from people on the street

With the hot summer heat just around the corner, window coverings (like drapes) have an economic benefit too:

  • Keep cool air from escaping through your windows
  • Help lower your hydro bills all season long

The right blinds will fit with your décor, be easy to use and retain cold air inside your home (they’ll also keep warm air inside too during the winter).

And depending on you select, it’s possible to reduce your monthly hydro bill by 25%.

Where to start

Summer in Burlington and Milton can get hot.

Additionally, if the window to be covered is in the direct path of sunlight (with no exterior shade for protection), that can increase the amount of heat in the room.

Some things to consider include:

  • What room is being covered? Is it the family room, which can have many people in it at once? A bedroom where night comfort is mandatory? Or the basement rec room?


  • Who spends time in the room? If it’s the spare bedroom where your grandmother visits, or a child’s bedroom, you’ll probably want thick, easy-to-use motorized blinds.


  • What’s the style and design? Is it a formal space? Will colour add or detract from the room? Do you want prints/patterns or just a plain, single colour?

Just like choosing roller blinds for other rooms or purposes, look and feel will go a long way towards picking something that help with your AC needs.

Products to consider

Your options are almost limitless when looking for window coverings to help with your air conditioner’s performance and efficiency.

The best part?

You can find them all right here at Fasada.

  • Roller blinds: Easy to install and versatile (customizable too), Roller Sun Screens and blinds provide cold air insulation by trapping air and blocking sunlight (if you choose blackout blinds)

View our gallery of roller blinds

  • Shutters: A simple, yet effective design when it comes to air comfort. Shutters are unique because they can keep cool air in, yet still allow in a little bit of sunlight if you wish.

View our gallery of shutters

  • Cellular shades: The most efficient choice out there, cellular shades keep the cold air generated by your A/C indoors by blocking it from escaping through windows and the blind itself.

View our gallery of blinds and shades

Window insulationDon’t forget about window insulation too

As your looking at your windows and deciding which coverings to get, make sure to check the insulation.

It’s the perfect time to do it. The May weather is cool enough that you can work comfortably. At the same time, insulating your windows now keeps the heat out BEFORE it arrives.

Something else to remember: South and west-facing windows in Oakville and Hamilton tend to take the worst of the sun’s heat.

That means your AC will be working harder in those rooms to keep them cool.

So in addition to finding high-quality Hunter Douglas blinds and other window coverings, take some time to ensure the insulation’s up to par.

Ready to start? We’re ready to help

Fasada has helped homeowners all over southern Ontario enhance the value and efficiency of their home with beautiful, modern window coverings.

And we can do the same for you.

To start, you can request a FREE quote on any of our products. We’ll get back to you quickly with the information you need.

Or feel free to ask any questions you have about our window coverings. Again, you’ll get a prompt reply with the answers you’re looking for.

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