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The Guide to Window Grills

Window GrillsWindow grills serve to make an unadorned window appear more classic or traditional. They are decorative elements that frame and divide the panes of glass. There are dozens of different styles of grills. Some suit only certain styles of homes, and others work well with all types. It’s possible to purchase only external or internal grills, but generally speaking, choosing matching internal and external grills that work together creates ornamental and impressive window designs in a home.

Important considerations must be made when choosing a style of grill. Here are a few of the most popular styles and to which type of home they look best:


External grills are perfect for homes that do not want to risk compromising the energy efficiency of their homes. They can be affixed to the windows so they are easy to clean and do not disrupt the look; they enhance the appearance.

They’re available in a wide variety of styles.


Internal windowGrills that only attach on the inside of a home’s windows help create an attractive atmosphere from within. They are generally affixed to the glass for easy clean up, and so there is no loss of energy, which would occur if the panes of glass were physically divided.

Internal grills offer the same range of styles as external grills, and like external grills, they’re great alone or with matching external options.


It’s possible to choose grills that are inserted between two panes of glass, so they are neither internal nor external. This feature is fantastic for cleaning, as there are no aluminum or wood components to work around, but there can be some risk of energy loss, depending on the quality of the installation.

These between-pane grills are also more expensive than in-room or outside attaching options, but they give a very upscale appearance.

Removable Within-the-Glass

The final option is similar to the within-the-glass style, but it also has the added benefit of being removable. This is ideal for homeowners who enjoy mixing up the décor of their home often, and wish to trade out one style of grill for another. Again, this is a more expensive option, but the peace of mind this choice offers may make it the appropriate for certain individuals.

Design Options

In addition to a variety of installation styles, there are also different aesthetic models from which to choose. Here are some of the most common picks.


Colonial styles most commonly give the appearance of eight panes. Geometric and minimal, they feature one vertical line with three horizontal lines dividing across. This results in the appearance of eight equal-sized parts.


Top heavy, England style options have a single vertical line running down the center, with two horizontal ones breaking up the top half. As a result, there is the appearance of four small, equal-sized panes at the top and two longer panes making up the bottom.


Victorian< More decorative and appropriate for Victorian style or traditional homes, this design showcases a semi-circle shape and two diagonal lines in addition to two longer bottom panes. The combination of triangles, squares and rounded corners makes it eye-catching and elegant. There are several more commonplace styles of window grills, and it’s best to become familiar with all types before deciding on which suits your particular home design. Expense, energy loss and architectural style are the essential elements of choosing the right style for your home. if you’re looking to update your windows. Our design oriented team saves you money by giving you the results of a professional home designer at the cost of a window installer.

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