Sophisticated French Doors Burlington & Oakville

Your new French doors can be installed in hours, leaving you with an elegant new look- never with a work area to clean up.

Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

French Doors Burlington at FasadaFrench doors can really brighten up a living space. They allow in loads of natural light, and reflect a classic and elegant design style.

Get a Look That is Uniquely Yours

These French doors are fully customizable.

You can choose how much glass your door has, in what configurations. You can choose the colour. You can even choose models that have opening windows to bring more fresh air in.

Rely on our design expertise to help you choose the door that will compliment your home perfectly.


Superior Insulation Keeps your Home Comfortable

A polyurethane core provides additional insulation not found in traditional French doors that allows you to enjoy the views of the outdoors without it affecting your indoor temperature.

Security Enhancing Features

The dual panes of glass in these styles are tempered for increased strength. Option for a style with decorative wrought iron between panes further improved security.

Their aluminum construction provides strength and durability, while the polyurethane insulating core makes them strong. They also feature a wider stile- the outside, upright panels on either side of the door- that give it increased strength over other designs.

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Our customers have been praising us for combining the services of a retailer/installer and designer, giving a result that exudes the look of a professional design without the cost. Take advantage of the design consultation that has made us so popular- contact us today to arrange for your appointment and your free quote.

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