Increase Your Home’s Value with New Efficient Casement Windows

Casement Windows Burlington at FasadaA casement window is hinged vertically, and opens like a door. You can opt for styles that open on either side.

They are installed with a heavy-duty fold-down crank (which is covered by a lifetime warranty). This eliminates the crank being bumped by people passing by.

The ideal locations for casements is the upper level of your home, or an area on the main level that has at least a few feet of clearance for people passing by. Since they open outward, they aren’t ideal for areas where there is a lot of traffic (say, the side walkway of your home).

Enjoy Enhanced Security

These windows offer multipoint locks, so they are significantly more difficult to break into when compared with other models.


Money-Saving Features

Casement windowsOne of the most important benefits any window can offer is energy efficiency.

The vinyl construction of our products gives you the greatest degree of insulation, at a much more affordable price than other efficiency-comparable types. The mechanism you use to close the window gives it an airtight seal, so there are no leaks. A triple weather seal prevents drafts as well.

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Interior Décor:

Select the interior wood laminate of the frame- choose from cherry or natural oak finishes. You can also opt for a classic painted frame in one of many colours.

Compliment your Exterior Architecture:

Our fade-resistant paints with a 15-year warranty in eight standard colors (white, high-gloss brown, brown, grey, cream, sandstone, sable and hickory) or we can have a custom colour created for you.

Never Break a Sweat to Open

You’ll love the smooth and easy operation of these styles. The mechanism is designed to require minimal strength to open, and will not rust or corrode over time.

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