Energy Efficient Custom Windows Oakville & Burlington

Custom Windows Oakville - FasadaNo matter the unique shape of your window- Oakville & Burlington homes come in all shapes and sizes- we can custom manufacture an energy efficient replacement.

Non-Standard Shapes & Sizes Can Provide Ventilation Options

Many unusual shaped windows in homes are fixed- meaning they do not open. We can provide you with a fixed option, or you can opt for opening styles if you’d like to increase your air circulation.

The Last Windows You Ever Have to Purchase

Feel confident that your investment will increase the value of your home & improve your indoor comfort for many years to come. Our custom windows come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Energy Efficient Features Save You Money

Custom windowsAll of our products provide energy efficient features that allow them to perform many times better than styles from 10-20 years ago.

A newly introduced spacer between glazing panes plays an important role in slowing temperature transfer. This means maintaining a more comfortable indoor temperature at a lower cost- in summer or winter.

Never Feel a Draft From a Closed Window Again

In custom products, we fusion weld the frame and sash- the component that holds the glass panes in place- to make your home as draft-free as possible.

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