Greenhouse Windows Beautiful Accent to Any Home

Greenhouse Windows

Greenhouse windows protrude outward from a home – creating a mini greenhouse indoors. Glass shelves can be added to create the perfect location for a mini garden- a great place to grow seedlings or to keep high-maintenance plants that require a lot of sun.

Ideally, these will be installed on the side of your home that receives the most sun.

No Moisture Inside Your Home or Between Panes

Water & moisture proof design ensures that you’ll never have to deal with the issues your old windows created.

There is a rain gutter system in these windows that drains excess moisture that otherwise might accumulate because of the protruding design of the greenhouse styles.

In addition, the continuous hinge seal allows you to tighten the window so you can get complete air/window tightness. You can select either fixed or venting styles. If you get venting windows, there’s a crank opener available that will not break or fail.


Customize the Look to Your Design Style

Greenhouse WindowsYou can tailor the look of these vinyl windows to your interior and exterior design to create a truly personalized look.

Choose your paint color from eight standard options – white, cream, sandstone, sable, grey, hickory, brown, and high gloss brown.

Or you can customize a color to enhance the look of your interior & exterior.

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