Single Hung Windows Burlington & Oakville

Single Hung Windows in Burlington at Fasada

Single hung windows operate vertically – you open and close them by moving one pane up and down.

Opening these windows is easy – they operate with little force. Their quality vinyl construction means they won’t warp or degrade, and they will never become more difficult to open.

Clean Your Windows Completely from Indoors

Forget calling a window cleaner. When you have single hung windows, you can easily handle this job on your own. You won’t need ladders and you won’t have to stand in the hot sun getting those windows clean. You can clean from the inside because they tilt inward for cleaning. It couldn’t be easier.

Your window cleaning won’t include removing insects because these windows are specially designed to keep bugs outside, so you won’t have to deal with them when you are cleaning.


Start Paying Less for Heating & Cooling

Say goodbye to cold drafts in the winter. When closed, they form a fully airtight seal.
A spacer between the glazing panes creates an insulated space to reduce heat and cold transfer.

Single Hung Windows

Enjoy the Benefits of Working With a Designer- Without The Price Tag

Our customers have praised us over the years for our unique ability to combine both your technical needs for windows with a designer who gives you a stunning final result.

We can help you customize the look of your windows by choosing from different grille types and patterns, exterior brick moldings, and even selecting the right paint colour to make your home pop.

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Contact us today for a free quote on your window replacement project. You will be surprised to find that stylish products do not have to be priced at a premium.

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