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5 Things to Ask When Looking for New Garage Doors

Broken garage door

Need a new garage door for your home?

Unlike, say, sliding patio doors or exterior doors, garage doors aren’t something homeowners like you buy very often.

That said, there are telltale signs that your garage door is ready to give up the ghost:

  • It looks old and outdated.
  • It doesn’t run smoothly as it once did.
  • The sensor (if you have one), isn’t as responsive at it once was (which is a safety issue).
  • It’s broken.

Since garage doors have to be incredibly tough – in addition to reliable and attractive – it could be tricky to pinpoint and identify one that’s right for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you go garage door shopping.

1. The type of material

Wooden garage doors

Typically, garage doors from Fasada come in the following materials:

  • WOOD: Wooden doors are incredibly attractive and can add value and curb appeal to your home.
  • STEEL: Most homes in Oakville and Burlington have steel garage doors, as they are very cost-friendly.
  • FIBREGLASS: Fibreglass doors have high level of durability.

Modern garage doors

  • ALUMINUM: A corrosion-resistant material, aluminum is an ideal choice if moisture is a concern for you.
  • VINYL: A newcomer for garage door materials, vinyl is durable and requires very little maintenance.

2. Size

While it’s best to have professionals handle the final measurements for you, it’s important to have – at the very least – an idea of the dimensions of the opening.

Now, every home in Milton or Hamilton is different, and your garage door needs won’t be the same as your neighbours’.

But are some approximate measurements you can start with:


  • For a detached or attached garage that’s 12’x22’, doors are roughly 8-9 feet wide and 7-8 feet in height.


  • For a detached or attached garage that’s 18’x24’, garage doors are usually 16 feet wide and 7 or 8 feet in height.

Keep in mind, these are only approximations. Your needs may vary (for example, you require a larger garage door to accommodate your RV).

3. Insulated or non-insulated?

Whether you purchase an insulated or non-insulated garage door primarily depends on how you intend to use your garage.

For example:

  • Are you storing your dream car inside? Then you probably want an insulated door to create a climate-controlled type environment.
  • Will you only be placing outdoor tools and equipment in your garage? Investing in a non-insulated garage door is a smart option.
  • Plan on using your garage as a hobby space? An insulated garage door lets you work comfortably all year long.

For what it’s worth, insulated garage doors are energy-efficient and very suitable for cold climate areas, or if your garage happens to be situated below a bedroom in your home.

4. Spring/opening mechanism strength

Springs are vital, as they allow your garage door to open easily and close slowly and safely.

Garage door springs

A majority of garage doors use torsion springs (those are the coiled springs which can be found above the door itself).

Now, here’s an important question for you to answer:

  • On average, how many times do you open and close your garage door each day?

Consider this: Most torsion springs are designed to handle 10,000 open/close door cycles before needing replacement.

While 10,000 sounds like a lot, if you open and close your garage door 6 times/day (which is about average), you’ll hit that 10,000 number in less than 5 years.

And if you open and close your garage door even more than that, you’ll wear out the springs sooner.

If you’re going to invest in a brand new garage door, you should also invest in a torsion spring which won’t suddenly give out on you.

Garage door opener5. New door? New door opener too?

If your garage door opener is in safe and reliable working condition, there’s no need to purchase a new one to go along with your new door.

But just make sure your current opener can handle the weight of your new garage door.

A garage door that’s too heavy will strain and stress your opener. In the worst-case scenario, the opener will simply give out and send the door crashing to the ground.

 Looking for a new garage door? See what Fasada has to offer

Fasada proudly carries Garaga garage doors and Chamberlain LiftMaster openers.

That way, you get the best of both worlds in one convenient location:

  • Beautiful and sturdy garage doors for your home.
  • Powerful, reliable, and responsive garage door openers.

Take a look at the garage door models we currently offer.

Then, when you’re ready, contact us with your questions or to request a FREE quote.

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