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Bay vs. Bow Windows

Sometimes, when people visit Fasada, they want to know about bay windows when they really mean bow windows.

Of course, the opposite is true too: People ask about bow windows when they’re really interested in bay windows.

Because their names are so similar, it’s easy to get the two of them confused.

Although there are significant differences between the two, something they have in common is that they’re both gorgeous windows for your home.

Number of windows

Bay Windows

  • Three openings.
  • Large picture window in the centre surrounded by two smaller windows on either side.
  • Side windows are significantly smaller (up to 75% smaller) than the picture window.

Bow Windows

  • Bow windows can have four or five openings.
  • All individual openings (called “lites”) in a bow window are the same size.
  • Windows are slightly angled to create a rounded appearance.


Bay Windows

  • The centre picture window is usually affixed in place.
  • Both side windows are angled and can open up or remain fixed in place.
  • All three windows can open up at 25°, 30°, and 40° angles.

Bow Windows

  • Depending on the configuration, 3, 4, or even 5 windows can be joined together.
  • Normally, bow windows do not come with an opening mechanism.
  • Is possible to install a combination fixed/ventilated bow window.


Bay Windows

  • Bay windows are narrow and create a very streamlined look.
  • Tend to allow less natural light into a room vs. bow windows.
  • Offers more privacy when compared to bow windows.

Bow Windows

  • Creates a large outdoor view with plenty of natural light.
  • Heightens and brightens the appearance of a room.
  • Width of bow windows enable them to be installed around the corners of a home.

Home style

Bay Windows

  • The angular lines and flat planes of bay windows make them an ideal choice for modern homes.

Bow Windows

  • Older, Victorian-style homes benefit from the slight curves and rounded appearance of bow windows.

Bay and bow windows from Fasada; A great choice no matter what.

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