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Can’t Find What You Want? Get It Custom! Part 2: Doors & Garage Doors

Custom garage doorsOur last blog looked at how Fasada does work for custom window and covering projects (shutters, blinds, drapery).

This month’s blog takes a look at getting custom doors and garage doors for your home.

A great way to add some personality and differentiation to your home is by updating the exterior doors and garage doors.

With custom, one-of-a-kind doors, your home will instantly stand out from others in Burlington and Milton.

Meanwhile, custom garage doors allow you to create a look and feel which better suits your home’s exterior design.

But those are just some of the reasons to choose custom doors from Fasada.

Custom front doorDoors that fit perfectly

If you have an older home, some of its doors may no longer open or close properly.

As a result, they don’t look good and can end up costing you money too (because of drafts).

And unlike assembly-line doors from the big box stores, custom products are made to measure; no matter what type of door you’re looking for:

Plus, a perfect, custom built door will last much longer (and provide more value, too), than a generic door which isn’t quite the best fit.

Rustic doorsA garage door that matches your home’s exterior

One of the most frustrating design elements homeowners in Oakville and Hamilton face are garage doors that look wildly out of place against the façade of a house.

For example:

  • Stunning wood exterior and old, plastic polymer doors
  • Your home is full of beautiful windows, yet your garage doors are windowless
  • The colour of your garage door clashes with your home’s brickwork

Custom garage doors from Fasada enable you to create the best look to compliment your home.

Door handlesAdd the personal touches you want

A big part of custom doors and garage doors are the inlaid windows and glasswork enhancing them.

Just like colour and style, you can choose the decorative window elements you want:

  • Clear, coloured or stained glass
  • Custom sidelite glass
  • Uniquely made transom elements
  • Select the door handles which are just right for you

There’s no part of your door or garage door you can’t customize when you trust Fasada.

Custom-made with top quality

A custom front door or garage door means you’re getting the very best in craftsmanship and quality.

Every inch, detail and nuance is carefully reviewed and inspected before it goes into the manufacturing stage.

And when it’s time for installation, you can rest assured it’ll be done quickly, professionally and properly.

See the custom work Fasada can do for you

Nothing quite matches the look and feel of custom doors and garage doors. They instantly make a statement about you and your home.

To learn more about customization from Fasada, you can view our project gallery or look at Fasada projects in your neighbourhood.

And when you’re ready to start, we’re ready to help:

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