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Child Safe Window Blinds from Maxxmar

Child safe window blinds – courtesy of Maxxmar’s DecoraSafe anti-strangulation blind cord safety device – reduce the risk of strangulation to children from chains and cords on blinds.

The numbers are sobering:

  • Over 290 child deaths due to strangulation by cord and chain loops on window coverings in North America in the past 10 years (Source: Consumer Federation of America).
  • Approximately 12 children die each year due to hanging cords on blinds and shades (Source: Consumer Federation of America).

Many parents in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton take proactive responsibility to baby-proof their homes with:

  • Baby gates at the top of stairs.
  • Electrical outlet covers.
  • Safety pads on hard corners.

Since windows are above the ground (and theoretically hard to reach), the thought may not occur to install child safe window blinds.

Maxxmar windows (available at Fasada) solved that issue with its affordable and effective DecoraSafe child safety blind cords.

DecoraSafe child safety blindsHow it works

The biggest threats to child strangulation are the exposed and hanging cords, which can quickly get tangled around tiny necks and heads.

The DecoraSafe blind cord safety system hides chains and cords inside a wand and out of the reach of children.

While the cords and cables are neatly tucked away, you have two options to open and lower your blinds:

  • Removable crank: A turn-handle at the bottom of the DecoraSafe wand lets you easily open and shut your blinds.
  • Concealed chain release: A unique chain pusher tab reveals a small section of the chain for you to pull. When the tab is released, the chain retracts back inside the wand.

Once installed, all hazardous cords are inaccessible to children.

Meanwhile, you don’t lose any of the convenient functionality of your Maxxmar blinds.

Retrofit to older blinds or order with new blinds

If you like the look of your current blinds – but still wish to make them safer for your kids – DecoraSafe can be retrofitted to work seamlessly with older blinds.

And if you plan to update the blinds in your home, DecoraSafe is a great way to do it safely and stylishly.

Safety first

Other benefits of DecoraSafe child safe window blinds by Maxxmar

  • The DecoraSafe wand has full directional flexibility; meaning it can swivel from side-to-side for easy access.
  • Compared to other child safe window blind options, DecoraSafe is low cost with very affordable payment options.
  • The wand is free-hanging, which means no complicated installation or attachment to walls or window frames are necessary.
  • Sleek, slim design doesn’t take up much room and works well with any room décor style.

MaxxmarBring the safety and style of DecoraSafe child safety blind cords into your home

Have young children?

Take care of the grandkids on a regular basis?

Planning to add to your family soon?

Whatever the case may be, make certain your entire house – top-to-bottom – is safe and secure.

And that includes installing DecoraSafe child safe window blinds from Maxxmar.

After all, the last thing you want is for your child to tragically end up like a statistic mentioned earlier in this blog.

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