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How to Properly Clean and Care for the Windows & Window Coverings in Your Home

Cleaning windows

Each Fasada window  and window covering in your home has a unique look, feel and characteristic to it.

The same can be said for their cleaning and care requirements, too.

For windows, it’s mostly about the type of glass you have installed. Low-E glass (like the kind available in Vinylbilt windows) have different cleaning needs than, say tempered glass (found in Tru-Tech products).

Meanwhile, there are many types of window coverings:

Each of which have their own best-practices too.

If you want your Burlington and Milton windows to look their best, then check out these easy-to-follow cleaning and care tips.

Window Glass

Because glass can vary from window-to-window, the techniques to clean them will also vary. Here are common types of bow window glass and the best way to get them shiny and sparkly.

Low-E Glass

  • The film coating which keeps UV rays out are very sensitive. Do not use an ammonia-based window cleaner. Instead, use an ammonia-free cleaner that’s applied to a soft, non-abrasive microfiber towel.

Tempered Glass

  • Tempered glass is strong. It’s also tough to clean and scratches very easily too. When cleaning tempered glass, don’t scrub the window. Use a high-quality cleaner and gentle microfiber towel instead.

Annealed Glass

  • There’s a good chance most of your windows use annealed glass, since it is quite common. Water, dish soap, a squeegee and a soft towel are all you need. A professional window-cleaning service may use a special scraper to remove stubborn debris from it.

Cleaning stained glass

Stained Glass

  • A stained glass window is like a work of art. And you wouldn’t just wash a work of art with an all-purpose cleaner. Just dust stained glass windows occasionally with a soft, dry cloth. If that isn’t getting the job done (i.e. residue isn’t coming off), consider hiring a pro.


Window Types

Since windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles, a little bit of preparation comes in really handy. Here are some tips for some of the Fasada windows you’ll find in your neighbourhood.

Cleaning with a squeegee

Bay Windows

  • Get the right squeegee: A squeegee which fits the bay window panes is a big help. You could cut your existing squeegee to fit, but any rough edges could scratch your window.


  • Scrub the panes: A soft brush or handheld sponge should do the trick. Mix a small amount of liquid soap and water. Then, scrub the panes from side-to-side and top-to-bottom.


  • Wipe dry: Squeegee each pane. After each downstroke, clean the squeegee blade with a rag (that’ll prevent streaks). When done, use a dry cloth to remove any final streaks on the panes.

Bow Windows

  • Prepare: Bow windows are best cleaned with mild soap or vinegar. For soap, mix a little bit with a bucket of warm water. If using vinegar, add a healthy amount to a bucket of warm water.


  • Clean: A washing tool with a handle will let you reach higher panes. Soak your washing tool in the cleaning solution and wipe the windows from side-to-side and top-to-bottom.


  • Wipe away: Get a new blade and wipe the window when it’s washed from one side to another. After each motion, clean the blade with a cloth and do it again.

Casement Windows

  • What you need: Casement windows are fairly easy to clean. Common glass cleaner and paper towels are all you need. If you want to go natural, use regular white vinegar instead.


  • Get cleaning: Casement windows get exposed to the elements when open, resulting in grimy edges. Clean the outside edges with your cleaning products all the way around.


  • How you know they’re clean: When your casement windows are fully cleaned, they should close much tighter than when you first started.

Window coverings

Shutters, blinds and drapery all add a personal touch to your home. As such, they also need extra-special attention when it’s time to clean them.


California shutters

  • California shutters should be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis, at least. Don’t use harsh or abrasive products that can damage the vinyl material. Dust them first. Then, fill a bucket with water and mild dish soap and use a soft cloth to clean both sides of the shutters.

Wood shutters

  • Wood shutters are best cleaned each week. Vacuum them with the soft brush attachment on your hose. Then spray a gentle cloth with wood polish and clean thoroughly. Avoid soap and water, as this may warp the wood. Use a toothbrush to clean small, hard to reach areas.

Eclipse shutters

  • Eclipse shutters are quite easy to clean and care for. Just wet a soft cloth with water and wipe the panels clean. You can also use mild soap too. Do not use lemon oil or furniture polish, though. Eclipse shutters are non-porous, so they’ll never mildew or mold.


Wood venetian blinds

  • Wooden venetian blinds require a delicate touch when being cleaned. Do not use detergent; as the chemicals could warp the wood. Use a feather duster to remove any dust. Then, spray a soft cloth with wood cleaner and run over each slat.

Cleaning blinds

Vertical blinds

  • Vertical blinds come in a variety of materials. Never use hot water to clean vertical blinds. Cleaning vertical blinds wish a soft rag and dusting spray is all you need. Start at the top and run the duster to the bottom and repeat for each slat.



Silhouette blinds

  • Silhouette blinds can be cleaned every day with minimal effort. A light dusting should suffice. Vacuum them for a deeper, more thorough cleaning. For spot cleaning, use a soft cloth with warm water. Don’t rub and try to avoid creasing the fabric of the blind.


Handmade, opulent drapes come in a variety of fabric material options, including:

  • Cottom
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Lace

As such, there are no real one-size-fits all techniques which work.

Rather, your best bet is to follow the washing and cleaning instructions carefully on your drapes. The last thing you want is for them to shrink, tear or become stained during the process.

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