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The Safest/Most Secure Windows and Doors to Keep Your Home and Family Safe


Happy HolidaysIt’s December. Christmas is around the corner and it’s perhaps the most joyous time of year.

(And before we forget, we want to wish Happy Holidays to you and yours).

Unfortunately, homes and families in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton are susceptible to theft and burglary due to things like:

  • Empty houses which are full of gifts and valuables
  • People simply forgetting to lock doors and windows
  • Early darkness makes it harder to spot would-be thieves

That’s not to mention depression (seasonal affective disorder) or desperation (trying to survive and stay warm in winter) which can drive people to crime.

In most cases, doors and windows are the common break-in points criminals look for.

So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home with Fasada, here are some of the most secure windows and doors out there.

Casement windowsCasement windows

Casement windows are quite secure because they can only be opened via a hand-crank mechanism that’s located in the interior side of the unit.

In some instances, casement windows feature multipoint locks, which make them even more difficult to open.

Now, some people may say that over time, the hand crank ages and loses its effectiveness.

That may be true with older models, but newer versions are built to last a lifetime. And if necessary, the crank handle can be replaced with ease.

Double hung windowsDouble-hung windows

A classic appearance combined with a tough design, double-hung windows glide vertically up-and-down.

The difference between single-hung windows and their double counterparts is the latter contains two separate sashes.

You can open one sash, the other, both or neither.

When closed, double-hung windows are secured using the same cam locks found in sliding windows.

Both sashes are kept in place so they can’t move or be forced open.

Plus, newer models come with a lock tab for extra security and the ability to install additional protective hardware.

Steel DoorSteel insulated doors

There’s not much that’s stronger than steel.

So that makes steel insulated doors the perfect choice for additional home security.

That’s because they’ve been galvanized (meaning an extra layer of zinc coating has been added).

The steel construction, combined with the galvanization process makes it nearly impossible for a burglar to break through the door and into your home.


Fibreglass DoorFibreglass doors

Most would-be thieves will try to pick a lock in order to open a door.

Failing that, they’ll attempt to break the glass – which is easier said than done if you install fibreglass doors into your home.

Here’s why:

  • Fibreglass doors can be fitted with shatter-resistant double or triple-pane glass
  • There’s a layer of solid insulation between the glass panels, making the door thicker
  • Most fibreglass doors come with a tough 12” lock block

One more thing: Fibreglass doors are designed to look like solid wood or steel doors. Just by looking at them, intruders will be deterred and look for another target.

French doorsFrench doors

Exterior French doors are elegant, but they’re also tough.

That’s thanks to the tempered (meaning they’ve been thermally and chemically strengthened) dual panes of glass built into them.

You can also choose to add decorative wrought iron in between the panes for a touch of class and extra layer of security.

Finally, French doors also feature:

  • Aluminum construction for durability
  • Polyurethane core for strength
  • Wide stiles (the upright, outside panels on either side) for added toughness

Secure your home for the season – and beyond

Updating your doors and windows now will give your home a fresh look for the holidays.

Plus, you’ll boost the safety and security of your family for years to come. And there’s no price you can put on that peace of mind.

To learn more, contact us with your questions about any of the doors and windows we carry.

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