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Spring Cleaning Your Doors and Windows

Spring cleaning items

It’s been a long, tough winter in Oakville and Burlington, but the first day of spring is fast approaching (Tuesday, March 20, by the way).

But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until then to start your annual spring cleaning routine.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools ready to go:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Soft cloths
  • Hand dusters
  • Paper towels
  • Soap
  • Squeegee

And when it’s time to clean your windows and doors, be certain to follow these helpful tips, courtesy of the team at Fasada.

Safety first

If you’ll be cleaning something like…

Safety first

…you’ll need a ladder.

Use the following precautions before climbing up:

  • Always have someone steady the ladder at the base for you
  • Set the ladder down on flat ground (not an uneven garden bed outside or rolled up rug inside)
  • Only carry what you can

Spring cleaning your doors

Your exterior doors have been exposed to the elements all winter long.

Your interior doors have dealt with lots of guests (if you hosted Christmas or New Year’s) and cold and flu season too.

Here’s what you should do to get them nice and shiny.

Remove dirt and grime

  • Add dish soap to warm water and use a soft cloth to wipe down the door
  • For tough or stubborn grime, a commercial-grade kitchen cleaner should do the trick
  • Pay close attention to the edges of the door; as that where the biggest build-up of dirt will be

Clean door knobGive the doorknobs special attention

  • Remove brass doorknobs and soak them in paint remover to restore their lustre
  • Scrub them with a soft brush (you don’t want to leave any scratches)
  • Use a bronze cleaner to really make them sparkle before putting them back on your doors

Patio door care

  • The sliding patio door handles can be cleaned using a damp cloth and soapy water
  • For dirt on the bottom of the frame, use a tough scouring pad to clean it away; followed by a dry cloth treatment
  • If the sliding rail is dirty, an oily cloth should clean it nicely and make the door run more smoothly over it
  • Use a light detergent + water solution to clean the interior and exterior glass (don’t make the mixture too bubbly, though)

Check weather-stripping and caulking

  • Worn out weather stripping should be replaced
  • Old caulking should be reapplied; otherwise, it could lead to rotting (which compromises the appearance and security of your doors)

Spring cleaning your windows

As lovely as the bright spring sun is, it also does a great job highlighting the dirty spots on your windows (especially if they’re big and expansive like bay windows or bow windows).

Here’s what you should do to get them looking crystal clear and clean.

Cleaning windowCleaning the glass

  • Use a soft brush to remove the first layer of dirt on your windows (while you’re at it, clean the sills and frame too)
  • Put a small amount of dish soap into a bucket of warm water and wash with a strip washer (that’s a squeegee with a cloth attached to it)
  • Grab a regular squeegee, dampen the edges, and wipe the window top-to-bottom
  • Dry any leftover water spots on the window with a fresh cloth

Don’t forget the screens

  • Remove the screens from your windows
  • Wash them clean with a soft-bristled brush (you don’t want to fray the screen material) and soapy water
  • Leave the screens out to dry before installing them back into your windows

Spring cleaning window coverings

Firstly, if possible, follow the instructions which came with your shutters, blinds and especially for  drapes. If those are not available, here are some generic cleaning tips:


  • California shutters should be dusted, then cleaned with water/dish soap mixture and soft cloth (don’t use anything harsh or abrasive; that could damage the material)
  • Vacuum your wood shutters using the soft brush attachment, then spray a soft cloth with wood polish and clean completely


  • Wood venetian blinds need extra caution; use a gentle feather duster first, followed by a soft cloth covered with wood cleaner
  • Don’t use hot water to clean vertical blinds; instead grab a soft rag and dusting spray (that’s really all you need)

Looking to transform your doors and windows (instead of just cleaning them) this spring? Fasada can help

If your doors and windows are due for a complete overhaul (and not just a seasonal cleaning), make Fasada your first stop.

We have the products, experience, and professionalism to give you the doors and windows you want; no matter where you live in Milton, Hamilton, or surrounding areas.

Here’s how you can start:

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