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The Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windowsThinking about replacing your windows?

Maybe sometime soon or perhaps next spring?

Many Burlington and Milton homeowners are choosing to swap their old wood windows for replacement vinyl windows from Fasada.

And when you look at the advantages why, you’ll be inclined to do the same.



Advantage 1: Easy maintenance

Wood window frames can become:

  • Scratched
  • Chipped
  • Faded
  • Stained

This means they’ll need to be painted or sealed multiple times throughout their lifetime.

On the other hand, Vinylbilt windows are virtually 100% scratch-free. No painting, sealing, staining or scraping is required.

Better still, vinyl windows are incredibly easy to clean. Soap and water should to the trick.

And finally, vinyl windows are tough. They can withstand the wild weather (snow, heat, rain, ice, sleet, etc.) Oakville and Hamilton gets exposed to.

It’s quite simple, really: Vinyl windows are incredibly easy to take care of.

Because of vinyl’s low-maintenance needs, there’s a popular saying amongst those in the window industry: VINYL IS FINAL.

Vinyl windows are 25% lower than othersAdvantage 2: Cost

As a general rule of thumb, vinyl windows (even if you opt for custom windows) tend to be approximately 25% less expensive than their wood counterparts.

There are a few reasons behind this price discrepancy:

1. The cost of extracting and manufacturing wood is lower than the cost of producing vinyl

2. Fewer companies are offering or making wood windows (less supply and more demand)

Something to note: This only considers the price of the window itself; not the labour costs associated with installation.

Still, even when you factor in the cost of putting the windows in place, vinyl still represents a more affordable payment option than wooden windows.

Advantage 3: Energy-efficiency

In this day and age, saving every possible dollar on home heating and cooling costs is incredibly important.

Fortunately, vinyl replacement windows can help with that.

First off, vinyl windows have excellent R-Values.

And if you’re wondering, R-Value measures how much heat can pass through a given material. The higher R-Value rating number a window has, the less heat will be lost.

Improving the energy efficiency of vinyl windows is easy and inexpensive.

All you need to do is add weather stripping (pretty much available at any hardware or home improvement store) to your windows to:

  • Better seal drafts
  • Improve insulation
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature in your home

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Black vinyl windowsAdvantage 4: Colour and appearance

For years, homeowners faced a common dilemma when it came to vinyl windows:

  • They wanted the multiple colour options which came with wood windows, but…
  • …They were limited by white and/or tan (the default colours for vinyl windows)

That has changed. Big time.

Today, vinyl windows come in all sorts of colours and shades.

Green. Sandstone. Grey. Black. Bronze.

If you want, you can even develop a custom colour for your vinyl windows that’s unique and truly your own.

The days of vinyl windows coming in white (and only white) are long gone.

Nowadays, bright gallery-style colour choices are right at your fingertips.

Advantage 5: Available in a variety of styles

Vinyl windows come in styles which aren’t readily available in wood windows, such as:

Meaning when you go out to shop for vinyl windows, there’s a better chance for you to get what you want – at the price you want.

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Vinyl windows are a great choice for your home due to their versatility, low maintenance and energy-efficiency.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll see Fasada windows in your neighbourhood.

When you’re ready to start, you can:

Whatever you choose do to, we’ll get back to you ASAP with the information you’re looking for.

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