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Window and Door Trends for 2018

Although winter’s not over yet, it’s not too early to think about planning your window and door upgrade projects for spring and summer.

And if you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration, here are this year’s hottest and most in-demand trends.

For windows

For Oakville and Burlington homeowners, window décor for 2018 is all about two things:

  1. Modern, gallery-inspired styles.
  2. Minimalism.

While custom windows with bright colours and unique designs will always be popular, this year focuses on a “back-to-basics” design with elements such as:

Black vinyl windows

  • Black tones: Nothing’s as simple and as clean as the simplicity of black. However, it’s not just the grilles which are going dark. Black frames are also highly sought-after to create a “black-on-black” look.
  • Sharp lines: Traditional high– and low-profile fixed windows and bay windows featured the angled corners and perfect lines homeowners want. Because of this, casement windows are expected to be top sellers.
  • Squares in, arches out: Further to the last point, classic arch-shaped windows will make way for the sleek precision of squared windows.

  • Energy efficient windows: It’s hard to consider ENERGY STAR windows a trend. But now, ENERGY STAR certification (like in Del Windows from Fasada) is a must-have, mandatory, no-compromise requirement.
  • Let in more light: The main reason for installing windows is to let in light. In recent years, window trends focused more on coverings like shutters and blinds. This year, the primary job that windows have – to fill rooms with natural light – takes centre stage again.

For doors

In Milton and Hamilton, top door designs fall into one of two categories:

  • What’s old is new again
  • Making a big statement

Even though doors will always have a practicality to them, 2018 will be the year that doors say something important about their homes and homeowners.

Brass handle

  • Black interior doors: White is the default colour for interior doors. If not white, then something vibrant (red, blue, yellow). In 2018, because we’re so accustomed to seeing white/coloured interior doors, something truly different (like black) will make a bold statement.
  • Brass: For years, brass was seen as an “old-fashioned” option for things like door handles. Pewter, silver and chrome were (and still are) in vogue. But brass finishes (especially for steel insulated doors and even patio sliding doors) now convey a “classic, traditional” look.
  • Larger front doors: Most doors are approximately 33”W x 80”H x 1.75”D. If the home is accommodating, many homeowners are going for bigger doors. An oversized, yet tasteful fiberglass door allows for a grand entrance experience at the front of your home

Bluetooth lock

  • Uniting front and garage doors: Drive around your neighbourhood and you’ll see houses with matching front and garage doors and those without. Doing this creates the appearance that they perfectly belong together.
  • Smart locks: Bluetooth technology which syncs your smartphone with your car radio will make its way to the front door. Instead of carrying keys, simply walk towards the door to unlock it. And as you walk away, the smart lock detects it and locks the door. No keys required at all.

Get inspired with Fasada

Whether you want to bring some of these trends into your home – or have your own style ideas – the Fasada team can help make it happen for you.

Best of all? You can start right now.

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